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FreedomSoft From Preston Ely - Useful Or Just Another Investing Product?

FreedomSoft From Preston Ely - Useful Or Just Another Investing Product?

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If you've been in the real estate investing business for a while there is no doubt in my mind you've had a hard time finding a piece of software that can adequately manage your business. FreedomSoft from Preston Ely is supposed to change all of this. Freedom Soft is supposed to revolutionize the entire real estate investing and more particularly the real estate wholesaling business forever.

Let's Look At The Facts First
FreedomSoft from Preston Ely will be available for sale January 2010.

It's supposed to be the first ever Advanced Wholesaling System business management software and advanced wholesaling education system all in one. This sounds like exactly what I and you probably need for our wholesaling business but there's been so many times where I get my hopes up only to have the product or service completely fail me.

There's so many times where it seems the gurus simply create and promote products just because they can and a lot of us will buy because we want to believe what they say is true and we want the same results they achieve.

We're human and our emotions get the best of us. We fall into the hype. I can't fault you at all because for years before I built my successful wholesaling business I was constantly buying the next big secret and the next big formula.

So What Does Freedom Soft Include?

It's supposed to include...

Comparable sales service Websites and Email Marketing Lead Generation Tools One Click Contract Generation One Click Direct Mail Generation Property Marketing Aggregation Integrated Education And more...

Add all of these facts up about the software and if this can actually deliver what it says it can do.... regardless of the price I'm buying.

Only time will tell as we learn more about FreedomSoft, how much it costs, what it can really do and what it looks like. We have sometime and I have a few inside connections so I'll be able to get my hands on a demo version somehow.

Join me as I dig deep to expose FreedomSoft as it's made available to the world on my website FreedomSoft Exposed. You'll also be able to see a demo of Freedom Soft as I get my hands on it. Don't delay visit my website and let's get to the bottom of this software.

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