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Christmas Gifts For Your Seventh Grader Son

Christmas Gifts For Your Seventh Grader Son

The Seventh Son
by rachelgreenbelt
Christmas comes once a year only and kids know its importance very well. They wait patiently all year long as they know they will be getting Christmas gifts. Of course they keep getting gifts on their birthdays and other occasions, but Christmas is special and they expect to get some unique Christmas presents. You have a dear son who is in seventh grade and you cannot just give him anything on Christmas. He is an adventurous boy, and so you are planning to choose from sporting activities that make exciting Christmas presents. In the last few years many outdoor activities have emerged as very popular Christmas gifts. Here is a look at some of them.

Story bridge climb

This is one outdoor activity that has become very popular over the years, especially now that the authorities have permitted climbers to carry their digital cameras along with them. You must have crossed the Story bridge innumerous times going over the River Brisbane and must have noticed people climbing over the mammoth steel structure. For sheer excitement, there is nothing to beat this activity. Story Bridge is an important landmark of the city and to get on top of it is an experience that is very satisfying. And to do it along with your son will be doubly enjoying, I can assure you.

Story Bridge is a huge, 777 meter high steel structure that has been overlooking Brisbane city and many come to see it as a tourist spot. To engage in an attempt to climb it is a challenge that will excite your son and he will be delighted to have you on his side. The entire activity takes about two and a half hours and it is an exhilarating feeling when you get to the top of the bridge. Though Story Bridge Climb is only 243 meters, it is nevertheless challenging and very satisfying. Make sure you click a lot of your pictures of your son while he is ascending the bridge to show him when you two are eventually back on the ground.

Mountain Biking

You son is at a stage when he can undertake outdoor activities that are full of action and adventure, and he will enjoy them to the content of his heart. Mountain biking is one such sporting activity that is full of fun and excitement. It has become very popular in the last few years, and today there are many events and tournaments organized on a regular basis around the world. This could be an initiation into a very thrilling sport for your son. If he likes it, you can buy him a mountain bike that will help him learn all the tricks as he does it regularly.

Mountain biking is also good as an activity that provides a lot of exercise to the user. It will keep your son in shape if you feel he is becoming fat. If you have got a daredevil son, you can be certain that he will enjoy this activity to the hilt.

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