Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

BG here.

Everyone have a fantastic day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tortie Tuesday

Hi everyone, Splitters here in the tall grass. I am one of three Tortie cats here. We all do have the Tortitude. But we are all very lovable too.
Hi there, Momma kitty here and I am the Mom of that Split girl. I don't have a split in my face though.
So here we are together sort of just taking it easy. 
So far we haven't had any storms and wishing everyone well that has had some storms. Everyone try to have a great Tuesday.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hi there, Khaki here and I am definitely the ManCat of the week. I supervise both the barns out there and do not let any intruders in them if I can help it.  

Just look at this, I don't mind showing off my belly either. It is very white. I am a good boy.
Hi there Orange Boyzo here and I am a Man cat around here too. I keep a close watch on the back yard and watch for introoders. As you can see, I am doing my job right now.
Everyone watch out for all these terrible storms and we hope all the people that have had the storms already are all right.

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Funny Adorable
Funny Adorable
Funny Adorable
Funny Adorable
Funny Adorable

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

Hi there everyone, BG here, all nice and snuggly in this blanket on our Cat sofa. I am so comfy.
Hi there, LG here and I am just trying to get a little privacy for my Sunday Easy. I have just lost my head.
Hi there, Little Bit here and I have succeeded to get in this nice sun puddle for my Easy Sunday.
We sure wish everyone a nice Easy Sunday today.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mish Mash Saturday.

Hi there, Little Momma up here and it looks like a long ways down there but I am such a good jumper, I will just jump on down.
And down I go, no problem at all.
This is our horse planter. Isn't he cute. But we do need to fatten him up some.
This is our Clemantis It is just gorgous this year.

We so want everyone to have a fun day.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Formerly Feral Friday

Hi there, Girl Kitty here and I am still enjoying my room. I love to sit in the cat tree and watch all the other cats outside. And I spar with Two Two under the door so I am enjoying life a lot. And just look at my new toy, the little lady bug that the Person got for me.
This is what I do when I want the Person to scratch my neck. I stop and put my paw up. I love it when she gives me scritches. Sorry about my furs being a bit of a mess.  
So according to Ohs, please get the word out about Spaying and neutering your pets. It really does help keep lots of cats out of the shelters by stopping the number of kittens that are born in colonies.  
Happy Friday to everyone.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lucky US And Thankful Thursday

We are all so thankful, that we got a huge box of some wonderful home made toys that are just the best. They came from Pacific Cat Toys  and the kitty Alice Marie helps to make these wonderful toys. Now the problem is, we just don't know who sent these wonderful toy so we are very sad that we can't thank someone.
There are enough toys here for each and everyone of us to have at least one. There are so many, that  I couldn't decide which one I wanted to play with first. 
Tip Tail here and I had a really hard time deciding which ones to play with first. Oh and by the way, Alice Marie has her own blog too. Alice Marie's Blog. All of the toys are great fun and they are made with very safe materials so that cats do not get sick from chewing on the toys. We sure do thank whoever was so nice to send us all these toys 
Wishing everyone a fine day today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Two Two and LB (Little Boy)
I will get you LB
Come on LB, put up your Dukes!!!!

It all ended in a draw.
Everyone try to have a fantastic day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day and Donkey day

Today is earth day and we all need to take notice of taking care of our wonderful Earth.If it wasn't for our Earth, we wouldn't have any food or animals. Earth helps to grow all our wonderful food and feeds the animals that we eat and provides us with the materials to build our houses. That is putting it very simply and big towns really need to be so careful of all the trash that gets thrown out.There just are so many ways to help our good earth. 
Hi there, Smoke here. And I love the earth because it grows the grass that I eat plus it grows the hay that I like to eat. Now I am around 6 years old. I came from a very fancy breeding farm where they breed miniature donkeys to show. And I cannot be a show donkey of all things, because my muzzle is black and not while. So the Person got a really good deal as far as price goes. She got me because one of the ponies had to go to the bridge and that left only one pony and she needed company.
Hi there Joe, here and I came from the same miniature donkey breeding farm as Smoke did. I had to come keep Smoke company because the last horse here had to go to the bridge since she was so old and couldn't eat any more. And we are about six months apart in age and I have all kinds of problems, so I couldn't be a show donkey either. But do notice, that I have a white muzzle. But I have crooked teeth and that counts too. I have some joint problems and some breathing problems too. So I get to live here and just relax. Smoke and I are good buddies.

Last but certainly not least is our doggie Ande. She is a wonderful dog and gets along with all the cats, she loves people and children too. The donkeys do chase her and she doesn't mind that. She thinks it is fun. The Person got me as a tiny puppy because she had just moved and thought maybe since I am a Border Collie, that we could get to know people by going to herding lessons etc. Well I didn't like the herding stuff but I still try to herd the cats. 
Thanks so much to Ann of Zoolatry  for the wonderful graphic and be sure to go read the great picture she has on her blog.
We sure hope everyone has a great day and does just a little something to help our EARTH.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

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Funny Dog Costume Ever

More Cat Parade.

Hi there, Momma kitty here. And the last of the Cat parade is all about my children. I used to live next door and  I still go back there to visit but the food isn't as good over there. I am probably 8 years old and I am very very feral but I do let the Person get close to me. If she touches me, I jump back but don't try to hurt her at all.
Orange Boyzo here and I was one of three in the first litter that the Person found over at the neighbors. They gave her permission to go over and feed my Mom and us as we got older. She walked over here three times a day and we got to the point of letting her kind of touch us. So one day, she brought this cage kind of deal over, and scooped all three of us up, (we were tiny then) in her hands and put us in the cage BUT I escaped by squirming out of her hands. She she had to take the other two over to her house and come back for me. By the time she got back,  I was very lonely and was so glad to see her, I let her scoop me up too.
Hi there, Gertrude here, and I am Orange Boyzo's sister. I am probably 7 years old and am a little shy and nervous. I love to go outside but stay inside at night and during bad weather. I love to sleep with the Person when there is room on the bed. I do a lot of talking especially when that Person needs to get out of the bed and feed me.
Hi there, Splitters here and I am the third one in this litter. Both Orange Boyzo and I have had to have all our teeth taken out because of Stomatitis. Gertrude lucked out, and didn't have to get that done.I do love my person and many a night I will come sit with her to watch TV but most of the time I like to be outside especially if there isn't anything good on TV.

The litter after us only had two kittens and unfortunately the Person gave them to a person and that Person wasn't very nice and Daniel ran away right away and Chloe moved next door with a friend and wasn't happy so she gave her to another friend and I think she is happy now. It was very very sad.
Hi there, Ohs here, and there were three of us but now there are only two of us since Bees went off wandering and never did come home. Which of course made the Person very very sad. But we just hope he is happy where ever he is.I am the most friendly of all the kittens from Momma cat. I loved to be rubbed and scratched but I do live outside. I have come inside a couple of times but it is too crowded in there, so I mainly stay on the porch. We have our own sofa and some nice blankets out there.
Hi there, Tees here and as most everyone knows, I just got home in time to be in  the cat parade. I do like to wander which drives the Person totally nuts. I do love being here, the wild just sometimes calls me and I have to go see what is going on out in the world. I was the last one to move over to the Person's house. I just was too afraid to follow her back there and finally I figured out that was where the food was and My Mom helped me too by showing me the way.
This is Ohs and I,the day that I came back home. We are great friends and were so glad to see each other. 

So that is the cat parade at our house. Tomorrow, we will tell the Donkey's story and Ande too. 
Everyone have a really great day.